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I let go of frustration.

I accept that I may experience a whole range of normal human emotions on any given day. Nevertheless, I am always able to keep frustration from negatively affecting me. Although my day might start out with hope, happiness, and excitement, it might end with feelings of sadness, irritation, or disappointment. Just as I know that joy is transitory, I know that negative experiences are, too. So I easily let go of my frustrations. Naturally, some feelings I want to hold on to and experience even more, such as excitement, interest, curiosity, and contentment. Also, it is also understandable that I sometimes feel things I would prefer to avoid. However, vowing to let go of frustration is the right decision for me. Frustration weighs me down and puts me in a less-than-positive frame of mind. Therefore, I put forth my best effort to release this feeling. I believe I deserve to live a happy life, free of such stressful feelings as frustration, irritation, and annoyance. Because I find that I typically feel frustrated over something I cannot control, the wise choice for me is to turn loose of these types of feelings.

Today, I feel serene because I plan to dedicate myself to my personal vow to let go of frustration. In releasing frustration, I can remain peaceful. Self-Reflection Questions: 1. How often do I find myself feeling frustrated? 2. How do I typically handle my frustration? 3. What vows am I willing make about handling my feelings?


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