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Rhonda here,

Welcome to our website.
I am honored to share my favorite guided meditations with you. They deal with every aspect of living so you can enjoy your best life fully consciously and present.


About  Us

Life can be full of stress and burdens, but we have the power to take charge and find peace through it all!

Daily Meditations is a guided meditation store and the brain-child of two women who strongly believe in the power of mindfulness. Rhonda is here to spread the word about what we have to offer and help facilitate this space. She works with an artist named Hope  who creates the life-changing meditations and has a decade of experience sharing her talents.

As lifelong users of guided meditations, we have seen the impact this practice can have on anyone’s life. It really has changed our lives for the better. It may sound a little corny, but we have found so much happiness from this process and just want to share the happiness with others.

Our mediations are full of love and a sincere desire to help out whoever chooses to tune in.

Not only are we passionate about sharing the amazing benefits meditation can have, we want to share them in a way that anyone can afford! That’s why we keep our prices so low. We also want you to know that once you purchase the meditations, they are yours to keep. Even if your subscription expires.

We hope that Daily Meditations is a source of healing and comfort for you. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible so we can spread the joy we have been so fortunate to experience through this journey.

Meet Bella & Leo, Rhonda's puppies.

2 month old Mini Aussies.

Once I slowed down and really read this poem,
it has become one of my favorites.

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The definition of mindfulness

Aimless Love

This morning as I walked along the lakeshore,
I fell in love with a wren
and later in the day with a mouse
the cat had dropped under the dining room table.

In the shadows of an autumn evening,
I fell for a seamstress
still at her machine in the tailor’s window,
and later for a bowl of broth,
steam rising like smoke from a naval battle.

This is the best kind of love, I thought,
without recompense, without gifts,
or unkind words, without suspicion,
or silence on the telephone.

The love of the chestnut,
the jazz cap and one hand on the wheel.

No lust, no slam of the door –
the love of the miniature orange tree,
the clean white shirt, the hot evening shower,
the highway that cuts across Florida.

No waiting, no huffiness, or rancor –
just a twinge every now and then

for the wren who had built her nest
on a low branch overhanging the water
and for the dead mouse,
still dressed in its light brown suit.

But my heart is always propped up
in a field on its tripod,
ready for the next arrow.

After I carried the mouse by the tail
to a pile of leaves in the woods,
I found myself standing at the bathroom sink
gazing down affectionately at the soap,

so patient and soluble,
so at home in its pale green soap dish.
I could feel myself falling again
as I felt its turning in my wet hands
and caught the scent of lavender and stone.

- Billy Collins

“Adopt the pace of nature.

Her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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