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Best 4 Ways To Use Mindfulness When Stressed At Work

According to the American Institute for stress, the workplace is responsible for nearly 75% of reported stress. With this in mind, it is important to manage your work-related stress in a way that is healthy and productive, and mindfulness may be the key. Read on to find out the best 4 ways to use mindfulness when stressed at work.

1. Know When to Say “No”

Mindfulness is largely about knowing yourself, and this includes your limits. If you do not know your limits, you can easily become overworked and overwhelmed before you even realize that there is a problem. The workplace is one area that is especially prone to pushing and exceeding healthy limits.

Be mindful at work by saying “no” to tasks that exceed your limit. If you explain to your boss or coworkers that you simply do not have the time or energy to successfully complete the assignment, chances are this will not affect your job performance outlook.

2. Get to Work 15 Minutes Early

I know. Getting to work early can be super annoying and inconvenient for the mornings, but it can be a great way to tackle work stress head-on.

When you get to work 15 minutes early, use that time to be mindful and get a good feel of the day. By being mindful in your office or at work, as opposed to at home, the practice creates an atmosphere that is more mindful and relaxed. This atmosphere will help you throughout the rest of the day.

3. Be Mindful During Breaks

If you work full time, the law ensures that you get breaks to go to the bathroom and eat throughout the day. Instead of using this time to mindlessly scroll through your phone, connect to yourself and your feelings. By being mindful during your work breaks, you'll be better able to manage your workplace stress and come back to work more energized.

4. Leave Work at Work

This may seem like an obvious no-brainer, but be mindful by leaving work at work. A lot of stress is caused when you refuse to separate your personal and work life. Whenever it is time to go home, program your mind to leave the work behind you. It will still be there in the morning.


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