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6 Fun Ways To Be Mindful When You Need A Break

Some days seem to really want to test your patience. When those days come, take a break by being mindful. Despite popular misconceptions, being mindful can be fun and exciting. Here are 6 fun ways to be mindful when you need a break.

1. Journal

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out and be present in the moment. Grab a scrap piece of paper or a designated notebook and a pencil to start writing out your thoughts whenever you need a break. Simply write exactly what comes to mind, and do not filter or judge yourself for these thoughts.

2. Draw or Paint

Tap into your creative side by trying to draw or paint. Even if you are no good at it, drawing and painting can be a fun and engaging way to express your emotions and be mindful in the moment. Do not judge yourself based on the final outcome. What matters most for this practice is your experience while drawing.

3. Write with Your Bad Hand

Most adults write at least once a day. One way to be mindful and challenge yourself is to try writing with your bad hand. Look at this task as a fun and challenging way to learn more about yourself. As you are writing, note how you feel and the thoughts that come up whenever you are getting frustrated.

4. Go to the Park

Getting in touch with yourself can be a lot more fun and rewarding when you do it outside. If the weather allows, go to your local park, and just sit on a bench. Observe people that walk by, the scenery, and your own thoughts. You will learn that being mindful at a park is both relaxing and eye-opening.

5. Try Yoga

Yoga is a type of exercise that involves getting your body, mind, and spirit in line. Try a yoga class to challenge your body and connect your mind to the present. You can either go to a yoga class at a gym or look online for free yoga practices.

6. Stretch

Yoga isn't for everyone. If you find that yoga isn't your thing, simply try stretching at your house. It is a great way to connect your body, mind, and spirit with little to no pressure or expectations.


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